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As hinted to in Post #1, I was surprised when BMW sold Land Rover to Tata some 20 years ago wondering if it was an effort to tank the brand for their own benefit.
Bmw did not sell JLR to tata. Ford did
lol....even worse.

Ford, Tata

Tomato, Tomatoe
Lol .... admittedly ... Tata has done a much better job with jlr than ford could ever manage. I know they get a lot of hate for being a third world automaker but the initial capital infusion from tata was what kept them afloat and turned them around. Their troubles of late , especially with Jaguar , I believe are in part to a dilution of that brand specifically their cars. The crossovers aren't that bad but they really need to focus on what Jaguar stands for. The XE and XF are so ho hum , it's almost depressing to think of them as jags .... I say keep and refine the xj and f-type including electrification , keep developing their all electric I-pace and kill off the xe and Xf. Save some money that way and increase the profit margin by becoming a low volume but high quality maker of niche luxury vehicles. If they stop trying to be BMW or Mercedes , I think they may have a future . Land rovers fine as it is. Apologies for the long reply