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Originally Posted by cvandenhaute View Post
I still have a hard time to understand how you could save money against a 128i by driving a older S2000???? A GTI, I could get it but a S2000?
Let alone a TSX that costs the same money as a 128i...
I currently have a $330 payment on my 08 128, with about $5k of equity in the car/loan. So I can get a 10-15k s2000, use my equity in my current car to drive the price down significantly after negotiations and have a monthly payment of $100 less or more. That's pretty significant to me. Also, the decision on the s2000 was bc it's still a really fun car to drive, more fun than my current 128i.

As for insurance, I pay $184 per month for the 128i. As I state earlier, I originally quoted a 2008 s2000 which was $134 a month. So another $50 in savings per month. I never cared to quote other years of the s2000 bc I thought yet would all be the mistake. Every other year for me is more expensive except 2000 MY. So I don't know if the s2000 is a viable option anymore.
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