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Originally Posted by FDfranklin View Post
I don't think it matters what BMW aims for, the mustang set the bar for a sports coupe and beat the 1 series, 3 series, and m3 in every category besides interior quality and probably customer service although I am not sure how Ford is on service.
Well in my experience, if you show up at the Ford dealers around here with a BOSS or Shelby, you get a loaner. Doesn't matter if you bought from there. Sure, it's not going to be on par with the F10s I get at the BMW dealership, but not too shabby either. I don't plan on spending a lot of time in loaners, so just the fact that I get one is all I care about in that regard.

BMW shouldn't care how fast the Mustang gets. It will always have a demographic from which they pull, which the Mustang can't touch. Should BMW worry about the next gen IRS Mustang? Also doubtful unless Ford tries to take the Mustang upmarket, in which case I'd probably puke all over myself.