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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I agree that the Vette is very composed on the track but you do give up some creature comforts and refinement. You're naive if you deny that. I don't give a fuck what a GT2 car can do as they are not the same cars you pick up at the dealership. An M3 is extremely capable on a track and you can still drive it to a red carpet event and fit right in. It's still a luxurious car that can go balls to the walls. The Vette and Stang are just balls to the walls.
I drive a GT3 RS, I know exactly what I am giving up in "creature comforts" when I buy a car like this, same with a Z06, or any other stripped car that is performance focused.

I think "lacking in all around physical fitness" is just a very weird way of describing a car that doesn't have plush leather seats that you can show off to the parking valet.

If they're so great, why don't you sell your GT3 or 335i and buy one?
See that's the thing, I don't need to "own" a car to recognize that it's great. I think that's a limited and immature way of looking at sports cars as a whole.
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