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Originally Posted by Murf993 View Post
Except, I can walk out to the driveway and get in it and take it for a spin....anytime I like. I actually understand the notion of driving games and first person shooters etc.....I've tried them and have found that I'd rather do the real thing....I like to drive my car, go to the range and have sex with an actual me old fashioned.
Cool story bro. We get it, you don't like video games.

You think those of us that Sim Race lock ourselves in the basement and never leave the house? LOL

I have a full sim rig, a full gaming and movie theater room. Bar. But I still have a normal life, race real cars, a job and still smash my GF lol

After a long day of work. I can hop in my rig for an hour or 2 and just enjoy it. Its nice to do once in a while. When its raining or snowing you arent tracking your car, so this is a great alternative......

Some haters just want to hate.
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