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Originally Posted by wtwo3 View Post
For those of you using the Fanatec belt drive systems (i.e. CSL DD or Podium F1), is it really that big of an upgrade over something like a Thrustmaster belt drive? I'm trying to simply use what I have (a PS5 and my 77" Oled) running F1 2021 and eventually Gran Turismo 7. Would you guys recommend I splurge for something like the Podium F1 or should I just go for something cheaper like a Thrustmaster?
Maybe you just misspoke above, but the CSL DD and the Podium are both direct drive units, not belt driven.

There is a world of difference between belt driven and direct drive. The responsiveness of direct drive delivers a connected feeling that is in an entirely different league to any belt driven system out there.

I normally would not recommend Fanatec as they have a poor reliability record, but it is very hard to ignore the CSL DD at that low price point. You'll have to wait to get one, but for console use I would not recommend going much beyond that level of investment.

The big question though is if the CSL DD will work with your PS5. It is listed as compatible with PC and Xbox so I have no idea about PS support.

Generally though, DD is a long way ahead of belt driven systems and given the option that is the way to go.
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