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This is my "poor man's" flightsim rig, which I also use with physics-based car sims such as BeamNG. I use a VKB Gladiator Pro Mk2 joystick instead of a steering wheel, but it still works well for car sims because it is extremely precise with light springs and metal gimballs (even the $700 Warthog joystick only has plastic ones). And the joystick is screwed directly in to the wooden desk.

Also as you can see I rest my arm comfortably on a yoga-block attached to my chair's armrest, which vastly improves both the ergonomics and how accurately my arm can move.

As for my feet I use VKB T-Rudders. They are a finely machined all-metal construction, virtually indestructible and very durable. They are helicopter-style rudders where I pivot my foot on my heel resting on the floor, which makes those rudders very precise (because in helicopters you may have to adjust your anti-torque rotor constantly).

And I find using rudders in car sims to be superior to a conventional brake/gas setup because I can brake instantly without wasting time to shuffle my right foot to the brake-position first. In other words: the rudders enforce left-foot braking. Personally I can switch between this setup and a regular clutch/brake/gas setup in my car seamlessly.

I consider it is a pretty good setup because to me it feels like there is a neural connection between my mind and all the sims I use, that's how directly all my inputs are translated. And I can play for hours without any fatigue because of good ergonomics.

Also my monitor is "only" 32 inches but I sit close so it appears much larger. And it has a TrackIR which is installed on top of a flexible "snake" for max adjustability.
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