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Present day? Sativa indica hybrid is mostly placebos. In the rush to come up with the quickest growing, less finicky more potent flower, a metric fuck ton of cross breeding has come about.

Vape oils? When the plant goes through extraction process, what made it indica or sativa is evaporated. You're left with terpenes they add to the vape oil. Vapes are 100% placebo. Flowers and pre-rolls are quickly getting to that level too. They market lower thc flower as "sativa" for example. Plus, sativa is a pain to grow. Takes longer than indica. Tack on another month of time.
I'm not really sure about your requirements. But if you wanted some tinctures, there are good ones and there are bad ones as well. If people want to increase appetite, or help sleep deprivation, they use the tinctures respectively. It's true that edibles can be beneficial for medicating purposes, and they do go down easier. When you digest cannabis, it affects your body differently than when you smoke it. Smoking affects your lungs while eating cannabis can affect your liver.
Tinctures are a crapshoot. People are experimenting with different oils as delivery methods. I.E olive oil, coconut oil et all. Some of it doesn't sit well with individuals. 1 out of 10 tinctures are produced properly, the majority are just guessing at formulations and ingredients.

It's not so much that the flower effects the lungs or it effects the liver - it's more so the cannabis gets PROCESSED by your lungs or liver depending on smoking or digesting.
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