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The 2016 has a N63TU, I can say I've had mine sine June (550i xdrive) and its not burned any oil. Purchased it with 57,500 miles on it and now have 64,500 miles on it. I changed the oil when I purchased it, then changed it again at 63,500 because they were running a special for $39.95 oil change at the dealer. Anyway mine has burned 0 oil.

But since June I've had the following repairs, new 02 sensors failed within 7 miles of leaving the dealer after purchase they replaced them at their cost. Charcoal canister purge valve.

I've also replaced the plugs, intake filters, cabin air filters, and windshield cowl cover myself as "maintenance".

I still have a drive line vibration under hard aceleration in 6-8th gear at 50-80mph. No vibration at full throttle, or in lower gears. It sounds like a rumble. Had the wheels refinished from previous owners curb rash and checked for straightness.

I suspect the issue is in the drive train, bad rear diff, torque converter, or something in the suspension. This is a common issue on the F10's other wise it drives fine for the big car it is.