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And so starts the journey to Ceramic Coating

I've had my car for about 9 months now, and have yet to do a proper detail.

Finally getting to do this.

Here will be my process

Tar-X on Wheel Wells and other parts that had a bit of tar.
Sonax on Wheels and Rinse
Wash - Foam Cannon with some Meguiars Auto Soap.
Hand Wash - 2 bucket method with the same soap.
Decon With Iron-X
Rinse with power washer
Clay Bar - with quick detail as a lube
Wash again with Foam Cannon with Dawn Dish Washing Detergent.

Today was Prep.

Tomorrow i'll polish with jeff's werkstatt polish on a polish pad and my PC and apply the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating.

IF i'm not satisfied with the Jeff's Werkstatt then i'll most probably use the WolfGang Total Swirl Remover polish with a polishing pad.

Once car has been polished then i'll wipe down with the paint prep spray included with the ceramic coating.

More Pics to come Tomorrow.

Here is the Iron-X working - hard to tell on a Grey Car - it turns purple as it reacts, I also scrubbed it down with a wash mitt.

Last Step - Foam Cannon with Dawn Detergent

Step 2 done

Polish with Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover and Polishing Pad, had to use cutting pad with some compound on the trunk which had a few swirls.

Tomorrow i'll apply the Ceramic Coating

After polishing the hood

After polishing the entire car and pulling it out into the sunlight - the space grey really wife saw the car and she said it looked new!

Coating application tomorrow with more pics to follow.

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