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Originally Posted by 1Kurgan1 View Post
It looks great! I was wondering, from what I'm seeing, you must have attached the filter right to a silicone hose. Did you happen to cut a small strip of 3" tubing to slide inside the silicone hose then have both the hose and the filter attach to that?

I haven't seen anyone address this. And this is something I have also seen in other posts, but no one ever goes into detail on how or why? Can we just unplug the MAFs? Does tuning need to be done?

I mean I can unplug the MAF on my LS Chevy and it'll drive fine, but it just goes to stock fuel maps when you do that. But that is a very simple engine.
If you unplug the MAF, you will get a code. I would guess the car would run terrible.

Yes, i cut a small piece of 3" pipe to attach the filter to the 45.
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