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Originally Posted by 1Kurgan1 View Post
I'll have to try and lube her up, lol. I've just been mocking things up a bit. It looks like you must have also cut up a 3" silicone tube to fit between the MAF housing and the intake tube. I started testing fitting and could damn near through a cat between them, but then checked one of the silicone elbows and it fit nice inside of there.

So it looks like I have a few more odds and ends to order and will have to get to modifying my MAF housings so the sensors go to the right depth. Do you know if it matters if the housing was rotated so the sensor was hidden on the back side? Or do MAF sensors need to be close to horizontal?

Either way, here's my first test fit

And here's as far as I managed to get the 3" pipe with the 3" silicone 45 over it, lol.
Hey, i was just looking at your pictures and noticed a huge problem. You jeed to tighten the meth injectuon bung on your chsrge pipes right away. Those are avout to push out and. Ause a huge boost leak
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