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Smile F11 535i ordered (UK)

My F11 family bus is ordered. Here's the spec:

535i Touring
Carbon Black
Oyster / Black interior
Individual piano black trim
Window surrounds and roof bars in high gloss shadowline
Pro nav
Pro speakers
Extended storage (specifically so I can use the internal 2-bike carrier accessory)
Retractable Towbar (specifically so I can use a tow bar-mounted bike carrier)
... yep we like bikes in my family
BMW apps
Universal remote control (gate opener)
Telephone USB audio interface
And the controversial part... Manual gearbox. Yes, I really have ordered a 3-pedal version.

Comment away, but you will not persuade me that I want the auto box! I have tried the sport auto properly (all-day test drive) and absolutely acknowledge that it's brilliant, but it doesn't suit me. I also had an Audi RS6 a while back and the main thing I disliked about that was the auto box.

Other controversial parts of the spec:

1) Petrol not diesel. Again I acknowledge that the 530d and 535d are both great, and the 530d I tried is almost certainly faster in the real world than a 535i. But I don't do mega-miles so the fuel economy is not very relevant, and having chosen Manual I prefer an engine with a wide usable rev range. 535i gives max torque all the way from 1200 to 5000 rpm which I hope /expect will work better when it's my clumsy arm doing the changes not a nice smooth auto.
This is a bit of a leap of faith - unsurprisingly a demo 535i manual was not available.

2) Just the normal M-sport suspension - no VDC, no active anti-roll bars. Will be OK I think. I don't mind a hard ride - every car I've had recently has harder suspension than the F11 M-sport, so this will seem plush. My children are brainwashed into thinking that discomfort is normal, and luckily don't get car sick.

3) Only 18" standard M wheels. We shall see how they go. Can always change later, at which point I may ditch the runflats. But will give them a proper try first.

Should be here at the beginning of December.

Cheers, Richard.