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Shipping from western NY, to Boston should be no more than $125; I shipped x5 wheels and tire, bigger and heavier for around $138 from Clarence, NY 14031-2410

UPS or FedEx ground is the ticket, but going to a UPS store for a solution adds a big profit to the franchised" store, just use them for drop off of tickected shipping.

The biggest thing that needs to be done is cut circles from cardboard to cover the rims on both sides (8) with tape. Encasing them in plastic wrap is not needed. Weighing them, and using the ups web site and shipping to a business address which I have.

Here are some over the top guidelines to use to get the idea: (also below)

**Note: If the wheels and tires are shipped together, and they weigh less than 50 lbs apiece, you can ship two bundled together with FedEx or UPS; anything over 50 lbs will have to ship separately. Shipping two bundled together is slightly less expensive (10%-20%), if you can do it..

**Key Concept: The goal is to protect the soft parts, i.e. the painted or otherwise finished soft metal wheel. The other goal is to keep everything that is being shipped together in one piece. Tires don't get damaged in transit. Wheels do. Below is a photo of what shipped tires on rims look like.

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