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First 5 series

For the record, I have never wanted a 5 series. There is just something about a car I personally grew up seeing as a middle life car (possibly the middle management sedans for under $40k Car & Driver article I read as a kid in the late 80s) that made me never want to get there. I came as close as ordering one in 2012 only to cancel it days later and end up with another X5. Well, after 38 years of fighting it, I've accepted my fate and frankly couldn't be happier!

Jet Black
Black Dakota
M Sport
Driver Assist
Executive Pkg
Lighting Pkg
Luxury Seating
464m Wheels
5mm & 15mm spacers
M5 spoiler
Performance Grill
30% ceramic tint
Air Blue 80% windshield

It wasn't yet ready when I arrived yesterday but as if out of a Hollywood film it debuted leaving the wash. It was soon ready for delivery. I immediately put the spoiler on and went back and forth on the black grill as it really looked good stock. A few hours later (call it boredom) I pulled the stock grill off and liked what I saw. Tint came first thing this morning. And here is the final product! Overall I am extremely pleased with how it came out. Its a business car so this is as far as my modding goes.

It is an absolute thrill to drive (coming from 9yrs of SUVs). Looking forward to a few years in this thing!

Here are a few iPhone pics (excuse the haze, its another hot and sunny day in Central Florida):
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