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Originally Posted by j3o3t3 View Post
Do you have ZDA driver assistance pkg, or ZCV Convenience Pkg? I have a hunch that the electronics for these options are what I see when I pull open the "storage" area under the trunk floor. Mine is completely filled with electonics. Perhaps they dont want you to put anything in the storage net and bin I am missing in fear of leaking something and ruining whats under the trunk floor???
Mine has all the options and the cubby by the battery is full of "gizmos" (like yours), BUT i do have the net?

You would think they would add the net with all those options since we do not have the area under the cover to store stuff. (I do have the net and you don't, but we both have all the "gizmos" in the rear "cubby"). Seems to be no ryhme or reason...

My build date is Decemeber 2010 and I think you said yours is April 2011, so maybe they just stopped providing that net in later production (which is silly). It would be nice if there was actually a net on both sides (instead of now maybe no net on either side).

Oh well, "net" worth getting our panties in a bunch (just more cost savings for BMW I suppose and things they think we will not notice or miss)...