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Originally Posted by remmib View Post
So you want to put on OEM staggered 19", right?

That's not a problem, but on the x-drive you might want to stay with the OEM tire size, 245/275. And 19x9 is narrow for a 285 tire.
Continental ContiExtreme Contact DW 285/35 (19) has 9" rim listed as OK when I looked up this size on the TireRack. Interestingly, some other 285's had minimum rim size listed as 9.5". I was also surprised by fact that salesperson I spoke to at Tire Rack, "Wes" stated that TireRack refused to have anything to do with any staggered setup on an xdrive 550 because he stated that car not made to handle it (even after I told him cars outside US offered as staggered from factory). He said any staggered setup should come from BMW or warranty is toast.