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f10 535d lumbar support retrofit question

Hi I purchased F10 535d in my country (South Korea) with a sport seat in front. But I realized that they didn't put lumbar support (even though it's said to be installed in the sales brochure, thus I'm considering suing BMW Korea.) In the mean time I'm considering whether to sue BMW Korea, I personally decided to put those parts into mine for my everyday convenience and back relief.

After looking around the seat section in, which is , I ordered 52109180625, 52107242080, 52109162871, 52207070496 with an appropriate switch assembly 61319196150(driver seat only). I think seat control module is only one kind and I have a right one.

Mine has a electric sport seat with heat/cool/memory feature, the only missing one is lumbar support.

The problem is that I don't know how to wire these parts with each other. I should connect these parts to seat module, seat control switch. But realoem doesn't tell how to wire these parts.

Does anyone tell me the wiring instruction in this case ? Harness map isn't available anywhere.
F10 TIS isn't available at this moment. Somebody please show me the way to get out of this can't-do-anything status.