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F10 - 550i mods ( Meisterschaft Exhaust – Dinan suspensions – Dinan tune stage 3 )

Ok! I admit it took me forever to start the mods in my car! But there must be a starting point and here I’m . First of all, many thanks to the bimmer forum members who have shed the lights and enlightened the road for so many of us with their invaluable contributions.

Since this topic has been thoroughly covered by other members in the forum, I will try to bring in some points that have not been covered elsewhere.

My 550i has the M-sport package and not the sport package (i.e. no EDC), however, I do have the Normal/Sport/Sport+ modes, their main function is noticed in throttle response (rpm response) and turning the dynamic traction control (DTC) on/off. Stock wheels and tires.

Dinan Suspensions:
Once I tuned the engine with Dinan performance boost, upgrading the stock suspension has become imperative in order for the car to handle the new hp and torque, I opted to go with Dinan suspensions since I didn’t want to lower the car dramatically, they will lower the car by ½ inch at all sides (approximately 1 finger breadth), this is hard to notice in a photo. However, the car will feel much tighter to the ground and more sportier than stock but still comfortable in daily drive. Love it!

I elected to install them via a local shop in Toronto – RMPmotors - they are specialized in European cars, in particular BMWs, Rocco – the owner – impressed me with his knowledge, skills, honesty, professionalism and reasonable prices, he was able to install the suspensions in about 90 mins, isn’t that a record! he added the 2 dinan bumpstops to the 2 OEM-stock bumpstops, and now the car has bumpstops all around the 4 corners for protection.

Meisterschaft exhaust with EV control and glossy black tips:
Listen to the video clips; I will leave it to your judgment! All what I can say is that this exhaust draws a smile in my face everytime I drive my car! The sound is amazing! And now I can feel the power of the engine with each throttle response.

The most admirable thing about this system is the EV control; it allows me to be on full control towards how aggressive I want my car to sound (as you will hear in the video clips). I have programmed the remote control into the inside-mirror universal buttons for ease of use and some feeling of originality .

There is a minimal drone between rpm:1600 to 1800 at second and third gear (only when the valves are open), but you can easily bypass it by changing between normal and sport modes depending on how aggressive you want to be over your throttle, there is no drone what so ever when the valves are closed. Oh! One other tip: the control units required to remotely operate the valves are located in the inner side of both inner tips, their wires must be connected directly to the battery through an existing access hole on the floor of the trunk near the battery (i.e. no drilling required).

Special thanks to Peter Pang – the owner of Next Mod in Toronto – where I have imported the exhaust through, and to Micky from GTHAUS Meisterschaft who has accommodated all my requests and inquires. And even when my shipment faced technical difficulties due to SEMA and Sandy storm both of them were accessible and have provided me with all the support, prompt services and honest promises that reflect their level of professionalism. Once again, RMPmotors knocked down the installation in about an hour!

Enough said! Time for some photos and clips: (iphone quality)
P.S. Future mods: 20’’ new shoes and big brake kits

***I'm having trouble attaching the video clips: they are about 270MB each with .mov extension, any help is appreciated!****
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