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Originally Posted by BigDeep1 View Post
Bulldog, that is extremely helpful! Gorgeous F10! So, the dark lugs and dark spacer looks ok when looking at the wheel directly? I know many just put spacers on the rear; however, I think the front needs them as well.

The black and white wheel and body emblems are a nice clean touch. Where did you get those from?

Great job! Thanks.
Thank you. The lugs are Black Zinc. You won't have to worry about rust. They match the composition and color of the OEM lugs.

You will not be able to readily see the spacers unless you are absolutely looking for them. You have to get up real close to the rim and peer inbetween the spokes to see the spacer. Even then, it's difficult. It's a non-issue.

The black aspect of the emblems are from:

I wanted to see how the emblems looked with black on white. So, instead of buying new after market emblems outright I purchased some laser cut black high quality overlays that stick on over the blue part of the emblem. They are relatively inexpensive, are not permanent and offer a 1 year warranty.

So far they have held up extremely well with no issues whatsoever. They tolerate the Texas heat/weather and my weekly car washing.

I like the black on white color and will ultimately buy some after market black/white roundels.