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ARM is updating its intake!

Not affiliated to anyone but i send a messagr to ARM asking about their intake and the CEL on issue that a lot of people talk about. They replied to me saying that they are fixing and developing a better product.
This is the message i got:
"Thanks for your interest in our N63 intake for your BMW! We are actually undergoing a revision of the intake to address this exact concern. It was predominantly the 2011 models that had this issue. The new version will be ready in April, if you're interested in testing it out we will be glad to save your info and reach out to you when they are wrapping up!



ARM Support Team
FB: @ARMmotorsports
INSTA: @ARMmotorsports"

Not promoting any company nor product, just information for those who are still in the market for an affordable intake. Respect to my man sergey and his intake but personally will not expend that much money on and intake, is pricey IMO.