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Sorry everyone, noob here. Anyone successfully run the XDI-60 pump on a BMW yet? I purchased the XDi-60 since May and still have not been able to get it to run correctly. I have an F10 535 PWG running BM3. At first install the car did not start even with the XDI60 checkbox marked in config. It took two weeks, but finally TTFS and BM3 was finally able to get the parameters right so the car is running now. However, it can't support 15+ PSI of boost without HPFP dropping to 800 PSi. TTFS are telling me that my Fuel-It Stage 2 pump is the problem now. My log is showing that the LPFP is at 84 PSI at any boost or RPM. I've read that the F10 does not have a low pressure fuel sensor so where is the BM3 getting this 84 PSI number from? If anyone have any theories, please chime in.