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Originally Posted by jaf89f View Post
I think it may be down to an s2000 or a 350z, although I've been reading up on the numerous issues the 350z has had over its tenure and makes me a little uneasy. Then again, every car has its faults; however, I won't have a warranty where I can just bring in my car whenever, for whatever.

I may be over thinking this decision, but that's what I do...
To chime in as a current S2000 owner (looking for an E82), the S2K is the PERFECT car... for weekends. After going through GTI's, Civic Si's, and A3's, the S2000 was definitely the most fun to drive but is an absolute logistical headache for every day life. Overnight stays/trips with a passenger require extra planning (i.e. do I really need the spare tire or can I save space?) that you wouldn't think twice about with a normal car. When I bought it, I thought that I could work around its practicality (or lack thereof), but runs to the grocery store can even lead to sticky situations if you're carrying any additional items/passenger.

I would strongly suggest looking into an R32 or the like if you are able to find one with low miles. If you'd like further opinions on the Si (2008 sedan) or GTI ('03 "20AE" or '06), let me know!
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