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Originally Posted by jaf89f View Post
If you have direct experience with either of those cars and you don't mind saying a few things about each, please do. I'm very indecisive and need all the advice that I can get.
I drove an S2000 for a few months and can echo that while it is a fun driver's car it is not practical as a daily driver for all the reasons mentioned. What it does have going for it as a daily driver is that it is very docile until you put your foot in it, but that is also what I hated about it. No low end torque. In that sense it reminded me of my '01 Prelude which I had to make scream at me to get the performance it was capable of. I know the engine of an S2000 is very happy at very high RPMs, but let the RPMS drop and it falters and keeping the RPMs up constantly to make the car perform is work. It wasn't my kind of car.
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