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Finally pulled the trigger and submitted my new company car order form!

Hi All.

Been lurking around the forum a while deciding what will be my next company car.

My company has moved from 3 year or 80k miles lease to 4 years or 100k miles and as a result we were told the list would be better. Finally got the list through a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised, as last time I was choosing the list had definitely got significantly worse over time so cars that my colleagues had chosen no longer appeared on it, and felt a bit cheated.

Anyway an extensive list but the only real choices worth considering (in my opinion only yes I admit it I am a badge snob!!) were Merc C class sport 220 manual, Audi A4 S line 2.0TDI manual, BMW F30 320d Sport auto or BMW 520d SE auto. The 520d was a real surprise as did not think it would be on our list, as it has always been on the next level up list.

I initially held off ordering to wait for the lease company giving me some quotes for the new M sport F30 as it had only just been listed on the UK BMW website, initially thinking that this would be the one I would go for. Suffice to say that visiting the local BMW dealerships instantly put the 520d into the equation as it looks well even in SE trim and the interior trim is extremely high quality.

Initially thought that 520d was too big a car for my needs, no kids (at the moment) and only me in the car 90% time. Then having discussed the choices with colleagues and petrol head friends, they all made valid points that I drive 29K miles a year and 90% of this is on the motorway so why not consider the 520d. Also the fact that the interior is so spacious really appealed as the last two company cars have both been three door hatch backs (currently Merc CLC and previously Audi A3 S line) which are difficult when taking passengers, especially my poor parents as one has to climb into the back seat!!!

Final consideration was that my current car is auto and have to say I am well and truly now a convert and the next one also had to be auto. Also will be adding a tow bar as bought a Radical SR3 track car with my best mate and will need to tow the car trailer sometimes with my car.

Lease company finally came back with quotes for the F30 M Sport 320d but manual and would have to pay £450 one off fee for the auto. In comparison I could get the 520d SE with sport auto box with in my budget, therefore seemed a no brainer.

Suffice to say that I have now submitted my order form for the 520d SE with auto sports box and rear sun protection glass in the rear (anything more and I would have to pay for it upfront which I will not do). Gone for space grey with cinnamon brown interior as feeling brave!!!

Really cannot wait for it to arrive; only question is if it arrives mid August can I bear to wait till 1st Sept to have a new registration??
Anyway thanks to all on the forum that have helped me make this decision, would be interested to hear form fellow ‘basic’ 520d SE owners as to how good the car is even in the ‘poverty’ spec.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention, of the 3 fellow colleagues that are also picking new cars from the same list as me, all have gone for the 520d SE!!! Power to the 5.