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Originally Posted by ddd269 View Post
Your choice of Radar Detector should depend on where you'll be using most of the time.
My last ticket was given to me courtesy of "instant-on" radar and cost me around $250 in lawyer and court costs. My previous ticket was courtesy of "VASCAR" which is, as I understand it, a method of timing you from point a to point b and doing some sophisticated mathematical calculations to determine the speed. He said I was doing 81. I was doing at least 81, so I didn't argue. That also cost me around $250.

Neither time did my detector do me any good, so I have stopped using one and now I try to keep my speed within 10 MPH of the limit or stay with traffic if its really hustling. I'm also trying to set a better example for the kids (one of whom is now driving).

However, detectors have saved my bacon many times in the past, so I may revisit the issue once my car shows up.
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