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I have been following this thread as I drive 535d on Goodyear tyres fitted so have been checking wear pattern regularly. Car has 26,000 miles and still got 3.5mm tread to rears so loads left in them as I thought. Last night got air pressure warning whilst on motorway, I stopped and quickly checked and looked ok so carried on last 12 miles home driving slowly.
Once stopped found that inside edge of tyre had started to delaminate, as I had BMW tyre insurance phoned to report this morning and agreed to take to local tyre shop as I believed not safe to drive to dealer. Tyre shop found screw in other rear so changed both, however once wheel removed we found that both tyres had 3-3.5mm tread across their width but on inner shoulder worn down to steel bands! So now expect BMW Protect to refuse insurance claim and I have to fight. What amazes me and warn all GT drivers on Goodyear tyres you have to jack car up to find this issue you cannot check properly any other way.