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GT Rear Tyre Wear

I have just repllaced all four tyres on my 530D Executive. The rears are the second replacement and the front are the first, all on 20" rims.
I ripped out the first set of rears after 16k miles, inside shoulders of both down to the wires and further on one, as the air was escaping. BMW initally asked me to pay for an alignment check and the full price of the tyres. I eventully got the cost of the alignment back and a contribution from BMW and Goodyear for the tyres. Initially was told that this was unusual but the internet proved different.
The second set of rears were Pirelli ( as advised by BMW) and I got 20K out of them before they supposedly punctured. This was found by BMW when I had the car transported in after one of the fronts had delaminated with lots of bead lashing the wheel arch liner. The fronts had 3/4mm of tread on them but were falling to bits. I wasn't too upset however as by then they had done 60K miles.
Luckily again when the fronts fell to bits I wasn't travelling too fast but was in lane 3 of the M62 so could have been interesting.
There is a whole lot more to this than BMW are admitting to as the states no doubt will testify to.