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Originally Posted by Fritzer View Post
Yeah just look on ECS Tuning or Turner or some BMW modification website. All of them have different versions/variations. The basic M3 one or the BMW Performance ones are what I prefer.

Honestly, the car looks fine as low as it is right now, I think. You will get negligible improvement in handling. You don't need it any lower, I think it's perfect. Especially in Edinburgh, those roads are really rough.

A basic ECU tune, throttle re-map, and maybe a transmission re-map wouldn't put significantly noticeable extra wear on the components. But if you just get the basic package of mapping and a slight engine tune, you will not even notice it in terms of wear. But for that car, it will be night and day in terms of performance. Seriously.

The one thing that I am unsure of is the hybrid nature of the car being a 330e. You should do research/check with a tuner if there will be any complications with the hybrid system. I have a feeling it won't be an issue at all, but better to be safe than sorry!

Haven't heard of that company. They look quite nice, hopefully not too heavy! Are they 20"?

Thanks for the link to the body kit supplier, i'll look into that and others and consider the trunk spoiler!

You are right about the roads in Edinburgh, just awful... relatives that come to stay are always shocked by them! You are also right that I probably can't get much lower anyway.

I'm asking around about the remapping to see if there's a risk to the sync of the two engines together, hopefully one of the specialists around the country will know and can confirm once and for all

Yeah the Veemanns are good and I thought they were heavy, but then I held my 740s which were so much heavier! The Veemann wheels are good for sure and not too expensive, they aren't stocked around that much but I found a place who shipped them for very little... the ones i've got are 20" and not much more than the original 19" but that's fine.

Thanks a lot for all your insight and opinions... you know your stuff definitely
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