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Active Cruise Control

Does anyone know whether it is possible to enable Active Cruise Control for the F10?

I have a highly specced car with the Auto High Beam camera/sensor and chose not to have Active Cruise Control as it seemed a pain on the motorway...

but after I closed my spec someone explained that in traffic jams it is great as it drives for you if you have an auto - making the journey so much simpler.

Is there an option to code?

GSPANNU I am just outside Andover and have ordered an ENET cable and have ESYS and PszData 47.5 - would you like a beer(s) to show me how to code the TV, Radio and Telephone in HUD, SLI, etc

I have just bought my wife an F10 which arrives October 24th and in a couple of weeks I would love to be able to mod it a little.

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