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Originally Posted by Itgb View Post
You really thought a 5GT was going to replace this. LOL
I don't fit comfortably in the sedan (and the touring is essentially the same) so yes, for me the GT DOES replace the touring. Personally, I don't really care what it looks like as long as I fit and it drives decent. The X-series doesn't really have more headroom, and, personally, I don't like the entry/egress.

I know a lot of people are hung up on the looks, but the GT isn't bad in person, and is quite comfortable inside. Also, from a security viewpoint, the GT wins, as under normal configuration, the stuff in the boot is concealed. The cover for the touring is one of those things you don't always put up, and while not significantly noisier, being able to close off the rear suspension from the main cabin does make the whole thing quieter. The touring does not have as much passenger space, and if that's a consideration, again, the GT wins.

It costs to certify any vehicle here for sale...that cost needs to be spread out over the cars sold. No for-profit company can afford to cater to support a product that does not sell enough to justify bringing it in to the USA. So, complain all you want, not enough people voted with their dollars in the past, and it's not likely to change the future. Want to change their mind? Drop a deposit off at the dealership to hold a touring for you. If enough people did this, they may reconsider...otherwise, not likely to happen. USA pretty much dropped touring (station wagons), when SUV's and cross-overs took over the landscape. There's a reason there's very few sold here, very few people bought them, and they withered in the showrooms. You can get one, but it would be grey market, cost you a fortune to get certified, and not have a US warranty. Got enough to buy at least two, so one can be crash tested? Getting the emissions to meet the US specs with our fuel with no factory support for programming and parts? Go ahead, you can probably reverse engineer it (or pay someone to do it, which is more likely). Course, after certifying one, you could then sell more of the same model easier, if you then wanted to be an importer (if BMWUSA didn't give you big grief). Your grey market's phone wouldn't work, because it would come from (probably Europe) with an incompatible system. But, you could buy a new one, but then have to pay the annual service fee. Not sure if the European versions can be reprogrammed so your FM radio station spacing can be made compatible with the US version. Your reception would be hit or miss. Lots of other little gotchas, some of which are the lights.

You should realize, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...there are lots of dogs out there married to their partner that think they are the most beautiful person in the world. Beauty is more than skin deep...the GT has the bones of a decent vehicle, and some think it is just fine the way it is.