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Originally Posted by Matski View Post
Okay, if you think the A7 is incredibly beautiful then you're entitled to your opinion, I personally disagree. Want a tourer.. did you buy one when you could? if you did you seem to be in the vast minority! The 5GT sales for last year have already beaten the best year of sales that the 5 wagon (E61) had... you might not like it, but the fact is, americans don't get offered the wagon now because they never really bought them in the first place. The 5GT offers greater space and comfort than the A7 for the same kind of price, the 6er Gran Coupe won't offer the same practicality that either the A7 or 5GT offer, but I doubt it ever intended too - it won't compromise its looks, style or handling for the sake of practicality in the way that the A7 and 5GT do... (Aside from the A7's crushingly dull, played-out and entirely predictable styling it also suffers from a disproportionate rear end, as the 5GT does also).

I think the bottom line here is that you like the A7, and you don't like the 5GT... I think thats all you need to say, the rest of your post is kind of irrelevant.
+1 although I obviously own a GT (proud of it) the A7 debate has been beaten to death. Regardless of aesthetic appeal "to some" the A7 is comfort for those who are shorter than 6ft. 4 passengers with an average height of 5ft7in should find pure bliss

With regards to the M Sport kit, I would like to see it person.
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