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Originally Posted by 320what View Post
Congrats, she's a beauty!

i know what you mean about others wanting to buy it as they saw it. I thought it was a monstrosity that didn't deserve to live but once i saw it in flesh at Frankfurt Motor show i thought that it's a pretty cool car and looks much better in real life. Id' still have one in dark gray as opposed to white but that's details.

Just out of interest, can you tell me why you thought this was a right car for you? I'm curious what kind of person buys this car.
We mainly bought this car because my wife and I could not agree on what we wanted. She had a 335i and I had a 550i. I didn't like driving her car and she did not like driving mine. My wife and I also have vast height differences (I'm 6'2" and she 5'). To make it worse, I drive conservatively and like comfort. My wife likes to slide around corners, believes the gas pedal only has two position (on/off) and brakes are for wimps. This car found the happy medium between us. Now we have something we both like.
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