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Top-Tier F1 Pilots....

Originally Posted by MJE60 View Post
Glad I may not be the only one to get the feeling that Leclerc became no.1 driver for Scuderia in Bahrain. It is possible that wash from HAM and tailwind exacerbated a tail-happy tendency in the car but this has happened to VET too often. Interesting also, we agree, it may be my age (I have actually watched 4+ decades of F1) but I know a driver with flattering stats when I see one.

Finally, were the Ferrari power units running in qually mode for much of the race? Pressure on the team to perform on a “Ferrari circuit” must have been high. Did you also catch Leclerc after race comment, he said he would have been out of fuel if not for safety car. I know it may be due to engine issue but If not “qualy mode”, I wonder how light they went?, pressure again.
Well said on all points; LEC was the star of the Prancing Horse stable at Bahrain and beyond, for sure....I've watched 3+ decades of F1 and aspire to reach your esteemed status

I found it interesting that LEC would comment on his low fuel status....normally, the team (including drivers) are sworn to secrecy, with some exceptions....

The BIG exception was the 1976 Japanese GP....the last race of the season and the winner would determine the WDC....the rain was so egregious the race was delayed multiple hours....Hunt and Lauda were destined to determine the win and championship....Hunt drove like a crazy man in the blind conditions....Lauda had just survived 55+ seconds in a 800F + massive shunt at the Ring, and came in the pits....when asked by the Team Principal why he came in, Lauda said it was unsafe conditions....Ferrari management said we'll just say you had a mechanical condition that caused you to stop....Lauda said no, tell them the truth.
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