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Originally Posted by apopple
I have a 2011 550i m sport. Current rims are 9X8.5 ET 33 14mm in and 19X9 ET44 rear 23 mm in.

I am interested in buying Beyern Baroque Silver with Machine Face as follows (as specified on the getyour wheels website)

20x9 Front 32
20X10.5 Rear 27

When I use the offset listed, my front space increases by 36.106 mm but I only have 23 mm of clearance? What am I missing?

10.5 inch rims plus one inch (lip) divided by 2 is 5.75 plus a 27mm (1.06299 inch) offset is 6.813 backspace inches subtracted from the 11.5 inch total rim size is 4.687 inches (Front ******* or 83mm. This compares to a 3.268 inch OEM front space or 119mm for a difference of 36.1mm additional front space. The guys at getyour wheels say these rims will fit in the rear with NO issues.

I am sure they are experts but I can not get the numbers to work???

Please help out a dimwit.....
I would like to see pics...