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REmoving possible tree sap damage from 15 plate 5 series.

Hi all, I regularly have to park my mineral grey / space grey (I think) 5 series touring under a tree on the street. I wash it once every week or two and use a cheapo halfords shampoo and wax combo or sometimes just shampoo then a separate wax.

Cleaning it last weekend I noted an amount of what I presume was tree sap over the bonnet. Thought nothing of it and washed with a bug / tar remover then shampoo wax combo as always. On drying there are distinct small blotch marks where I guess the sap was. Bonnet and roof.

I cannot remove them. In fat I don't think it's something to remove, it looks like a sealant or clear coat finish has been eaten in to.

You can't see them in bright sun but as you can see in the photo they are very visible under cloud having the appearance of dried water marks.

Naturally I want to fix this and have been quoted various prices, some acceptable some stratospheric. But am I missing something here ? Is there a product and technique that I could use to sort this out ? Could it be it's just eaten in to any present wax layers ? Or is it as bad as I think requiring expert attention ?

For the record I have parked by that tree for 2 years and never seen anything like this.
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