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5 series vs CLS....anyone compare?

Ok...I wrote a thread last week about the 5 series versus the 7 series.

My main thing is I put a lot of miles on my cars....25k per year at I had a F02 but got rid of it pretty quickly because I would have used way way too many miles....probably 50k over (and BMW didn't discount miles if you bought them upfront like they did when I had my M6 right before....I was able to pay 0.16 buying them before lease ended versus 0.25 penalty at end. They did not discount the 0.25 per mile at all for the 750li).

So....leasing is really probably out of my league. I leased my M6 back in 2009 for....kid you not....$6k down....24 months....$800/month and that included taxes. It was brand new...$120k MSRP they sold me for $97k. That same car was going for literally $2k month for a 24 month lease....just months before.

So that sort of jaded me in terms of what a lease should cost. The M6 is the top of the line when it comes to BMW models....and when I had my 750li....I was paying $1119/mo for 36 months. In other words....a lot more money for a lot longer time period...for a car that cost less and wasn't an M6. It looked great....but not $1100/month great. brings me to buying. I need a backseat. I have a 5 year old little boy. Buying a used 7 series was an option.....$50k or so. However, as anal as it seems...I want the LED lights. That means I'd have to wait another 3 years and by then the new 7 will be coming the 7 series is kinda out.

I was thinking the Benz E class.....but they are doing some major LCI changing for the there is no use buying an EClass now. Panameras don't have enough power....not to mention they are a lot more than the competitors.

Lexus GS.....fugly. Lexus LS....haven't seen it in person....but looks ugly in pics. Audi.....the A7 doesn't do it for me...and they are dime a dozen. The A6 is the same way......A8 is decent but too old man's car compared to a F10 or CLS.

So.....550 vs CLS550. Thoughts? Both great cars....but I think if I bought one in the 50s....that there will still be several years until style is changed. I know cars change a lot....but I want the best bang for my own the best car possible during a period it won't be majorly updated. CLS is still 2 years away from even a minor thing.....BMW could be LCI'ing the F10 for 2014 even....depending on how they are treated the 550GT in terms of whether 2010 or 2011 is initial f10 start year.