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Originally Posted by ICALL View Post
A dealer detail will definitely result in swirl marks. Perhaps not very noticable to you initially, but overtime, it will appear your car is covered in spider webs.

Either hire a professional to do an initial prep for around $200-$300 or learn to do it yourself.

My 2009 white 550i has swirl marks, but due to the light color, they're not noticeable.

I'm expecting delivery of a 2011 carbon black 550i. There are notes on my order not to prep/wash the car when received and I've threatened the salesman with bodily harm if its "clean" when I get there.

Search here for new car prep or try

A friend of mine has a blue Bentley and it looks horrible. He can't even stand it now.

Enjoy your new car!
Your car will arrive covered in dirt and have a "Wax Protection Coating" on it, are you saying do not wash it!!!?.
It will look like shite.
The body shop guys at my dealership know me and know what I expect the car to look like when I go to inspect it, if it's got paint swirls or scratchs they will be keeping the car.
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