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BMW N63 engine service action (Service Bulletin B001314)

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Took my car in yesterday and my service advisor said there is a recall on the n63 motor that he hadn't seen before.

Details were limited but he said they have to test a bunch of the parameters on how the engine performs, send that data to BMW and depending on what they see, BMW may require the dealer to replace certain components of the engine. Said this could take several days to complete.

More info by NickG:

Originally Posted by NickG_TechniqueTuning View Post
This is a 2-part campaign by BMW for cars with the N63 engine. It was announced on 12/29/2014 and called "N63 Customer Care Package", bulletin B001314. The highlights are:

- check the timing chain for stretch; replace if necessary
- check the following items and replace if necessary: fuel injectors, mass air flow sensors, crankcase vent lines, battery, engine vacuum pump, low pressure fuel sensor
- change the oil service interval to 12 months/10,000 miles

Even if your car is out of warranty (ie, 5 years old and has 200k miles), it is covered by this campaign and costs the owner nothing. The dealers are instructed to call all N63 owners in their area and schedule the cars to come in for this service, pending the dealership's availability. The dealership is instructed to provide a loaner car of equal or higher class to the customer (per N63 Customer Care Package Outbound Service Script document).

BMW is also offering extra incentives for owners affected by this campaign to trade in their N63 vehicle and purchase a new car (called the N63 Customer Loyalty Offer, details in a separate sales bulletin).

Also associated with this campaign is the "N63 Customer Appreciation Program". The dealerships are authorized to provide the customer with a gift of $50 value. This could be a gas card, gift bag containing BMW Lifestyle products, vehicle detailing, etc.

More info:

On December 29th, 2014, BMW released Bulletin "B001314" or the "N63 Customer Care Package " affecting any vehicle that saw use of the 4.4-liter V-8 (N63B44O0) within the 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X5, and X6 model lines manufactured between 2008 and 2013. Dealership instructions include checking the timing chain for stretching and replacing it if necessary, replacing the fuel injectors, mass air flow sensors, crankcase vent lines, battery, engine vacuum pump and low pressure fuel sensor.

The sweeping recall also extended to vehicles that had gone out of warranty, no matter how many miles were accumulated on the vehicle.

Additionally, the service interval would be shortened to nearly half, with a 12 month/10,000 mile (16,000 km) check-up instead of the long-life treatment the BMW had been maintaining up to that point, requiring a check every 2 years and 15,000 miles (25,000 km).

In June of 2013, dealerships had received a service bulletin regards to the N63 powerplant, which amended the oil capacity requirements of the engine, adding a full (1) US quart to the capacity of the motor, citing "increased oil consumption" in the twin turbo V8.

Models affected by the recall included:

F01 and F02 (7 Series Sedan) produced from 3/2009 to 6/2012
F04 (Active Hybrid 7) produced from 4/2010 to 6/2012
F07 (Gran Turismo) produced from 9/2009 to 6/2012
F10 (5 Series Sedan) produced from 3/2010 to 7/2013
F12 (6 Series Convertible) produced from 3/2011 to 7/2012
F13 (6 Series Coupe) produced from 7/2011 to 7/2012
E70 (X5) produced from 3/2010 to 6/2013
E71 (X6) produced from 7/2008 to 6/2014
E72 (ActiveHybrid X6) produced from 9/2009 to 9/2011

The dealership bulletin was accompanied by region sales rep meetings with branch/service managers, informing of them of the forthcoming campaign, and issuing instructions to contact all owners serviced at their branches operating the N63 engine. The accompanying marketing campaign, which would be a major focus of 2015 for BMW world-wide, was intended to dampen the affect of such a wide spread recall on BMW's waining brand loyalty and customer service issues. The tactics of which could be seen in the extended efforts surrounding the recall.

BMW dealerships were instructed to offer extra incentives for owners affected by this campaign, offering trade-in cash bonuses for their N63 equipped vehicles with the purchase of a new BMW (details in a separate sales bulletin - "N63 Customer Loyalty Offer"). Sales teams were also provided with discretionary authorization to provide customers with a gift of $50 value, including anything from a gas card, gift bag containing BMW Lifestyle products, or vehicle detailing.
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