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Originally Posted by Dante269 View Post
which dealership, OP? I am taking mine in for some strange noises under the hood that shouldn't be heard on a BMW... maybe a pulley or something... I will probably let them keep it for the recall work...
I go to advantage midtown and use Jeremy Renner exclusively. Best SA I've used in last 7 years.

I took my car in originally for a metal grinding sound under the hood after starting the car. It sounded like the noise a car makes (before keyless ignition) when you turn the key after its running.

Originally Posted by Chili Palmer View Post
I took mine in for the routine service yesterday and was hit with this recall that is a 38 hour service. The service adviser said that this just came out and will get with one of the techs to find out what all is involved with it. He said that he does know that injectors are included as well as checking the timing chain(s). I've already had my injectors replaced so I should be good on that item.
Chili, keep us posted when you get more info from your dealer.
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