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5 series GT rear tyre wear

Originally Posted by bickers1972 View Post
Update on my rear tyre issues.

So I've had the rear tyres replaced & at the same time, BMW completed a rear suspension alignment check (KDS test). This came back stating that the rear suspension was correctly aligned so still no explanation for the rears wearing to the cord on the inside edge. As we know, the GT is quite a rare car but, a chap who lives half a mile from me has one too so I called in to see him & guess what, he has had exactly the same problems as me with uneven wear however unfortunately, he only found out after having a double blow out of both tyres whilst on the motorway in April this year.

Interestingly, he uses the same BMW garage as me & when I asked them a couple of weeks ago if they had observed similar problems, they said no, never. This is the first time. This was not true as his car had been in only weeks earlier!! A convenient case of amnesia it seems...

We have both been in together to speak with the BMW service manager & she has acknowledged that this does not seem to be an isolated fault. A BMW technical manager will be coming to inspect both of our cars in the next couple of weeks. They also suggested that the rear suspension was intentionally set up with an adverse camber (similar to an M3 or M5) to provide maximum grip when cornering. Now this is a 2 ton car & we have suggested that the weight of the car is putting too much pressure on the inner edge. We'll wait & see what comes of the inspection.

I therefore need some help from other GT owners with 20 inch rims:

1. From a safety point of view, I would suggest that either you or a qualified tyre technician inspects your rear tyres for signs of uneven wear. At the same time, it might suggest that there isn't a wider issue too but if like me when you check your tyres & see lots of tread across the middle section & assume all is well, better to be safe than sorry.

2. I would appreciate it if any UK GT owners with 20 inch rims who does find uneven wear would message me with further info as this will give collective strength to this case with BMW for all of our benefit as this will clearly highlight a wider problem affecting the GT which will need to be rectified.

Many thanks.

how are you getting on with BMW on this issue -any solution? I have exactly the same problem - at 17,000 miles tyre (275/35 R20 Goodyear excellence) suffered a blow out. Investigation revealed seperation at inner edge. Opposite tyre very similar - down to the cords. What makes me more irritated is that the car was only serviced 1000 miles before with no mention on the report of any such issue. if only i had seen your advice to check the tyres before the incident but there again you assume that a recently serviced BMW will be safe. i intend to pursue BMW myself but more than happy to share notes if it will help either of us.