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Originally Posted by Spitfire007 View Post
If you had read my post, you'd see i mentioned it could was reliable. but it's totally impossible to live with on a daily basis, unless you're a single dude that eats out all the time. forget putting anything in it.

i've had nothing but good VWs.

if the OPer wants true reliability and low cost. get a friggin Civic, or a Toyota.
But I am a single dude who does eat out quit often and when I go to the grocery store it is for a weeks worth of stuff around $50 bucks that could easily fit in the s2000.

I know I am taking a gamble with going used, but my car is out of warranty very soon anyways so I would be paying for repairs on my current 1er too. I also do not want to get into a newer same generation 1er because I want to see what the new US version will be like in 1-2 years.

Also, I am trying to have some joy in driving everyday. A civic does not provide that, although i have no experience with the Si version. Furthermore, Toyota hasn't come out with anything inspiring in basically forever. The new FR-S or whatever it is going to be, seems like it will be branded under the Scion name from what I've read, and inevitably will just become a newer version of the boring TC.

So saying all that, I want something that isn't turbo'd and i feel like the best options are the s2000 or 350z at this point, unless something else comes along at my neighborhood dealer that I just can't pass up.
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