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Originally Posted by shoei View Post
I see these type of posts pop up constantly and the reason these type of posts pop up constantly are because car manufacturers are constantly tweaking and updating their vehicles. i shouldn't even say cars, because every thing gets tweaked or updated; motorcycles, jets, fridges, iphone 5 / 5S, it's going to happen. Why waste your energy worrying about having the latest and the greatest? Yes, it'd be nice to have the updated LCI dashboard, yes, it'd be nice to have slight power increase, yes it'd be nice to have the new adaptive headlights, but will you cease to exist because you don't have it for the next 2-3 years? most likely not. Enjoy what you have now, because who's not to say you won't get struck down by a freak typhoon/monsoon/hurricane/tornado/earthquake/pscho girlfriend/wife/rabid elephant attack between now and september.

Just my two cents. I have a 2013 F10 and a 2013 F30, they can tweak and change it all they want, i'm content with what i have and if something comes out that i just have to have, i can transfer my lease, light my car on fire, park it in the ghetto with the key fob sitting on the hood, or let some circus midget take it for a joy ride...
I nominate this post as one of the more profound messages I have read in sometime. I believe some of us are just too smart of our wits. We need latest, greatest, a deal and then we need our BMW community to praise our choice.

In the end, this guy is so right on many levels. And he's got both cars I get going back and forth on. So he must be doing something right!