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Originally Posted by remmib View Post
Great wheels, and I'd like to see it lowered.

Any more pics to see how flush the wheels are?
Thanks, not sure if or when i will be lowering it. Not long before the damn snow here in Norway Also we have one hell of a speedbump on a private road very short and very high cant do more than 3-4 km/h over it. Will try to take some more pictures where you can see how flush the wheels are maybe tomorrow or saturday.

Originally Posted by exelliution View Post
Very nice! What colour is the car?
The color is Carbon Black, atleast thats what it's called in Europe. I think it's only available with the M-sport exterior package.

Originally Posted by manilae90 View Post
Did you notice the car get sluggish under acceleration because of the bigger wheels. I just put 19s on my 520d from 17s and it kinda feels it lost some of its low end torque. Wife says otherwise so maybe I am just imagining it
Can't say that i've noticed this. Not sure how much the std 18" rims weigh, but the BBS CH-R weight is about 13-14 kg i think. The ride is much smoother now with the PSS tires than with the runflats. The car feels alot more stable on the road. Even the road markings made the care unstable when changing lanes with the runflats, also had a slight vibration when driving about 110-120 km/h (could feel it in the seatback) All this is gone with the new wheels and tires. Now the car feels and drives amazing.

EDIT: This is the weights for OEM 18" and BBS CH-R 20"

Style 350M
8x18 Front 245/45R18 ET 30 11,40 kg

9x18 Rear 275/40R18 ET 44 11,90 kg

9x20 Front 255/35R20 ET 29 12,6 kg

10,5 Rear 295/30R20 ET 35 13,21 kg

so 1,2 kg more in front and 1,3 kg more on the rear wheel. Not a whole lot more weight but of course there is the bigger tire too so maybe 2 kg more on each wheel.
But i think maybe its possible to notice it between 17" and 19". Could be more difference in weigt there than on my wheels.
On this page the weight differene between OEM 17" and OEM 351M 19" wheels is about 2,5 kg + tire about 0.5 kg = ca 3.0kg pr wheel. Don't think you are imagining it.

Originally Posted by Bart@AUTOcouture View Post
Looks great, can't go wrong with BBS.

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