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Help Me Choose: iPhone 4S or 5

Lot of posts around and about this issue but none that really addresses it for me.

I'm driving a 2011 535xi. The pertinent options I have here are:
  • Navigation system
  • 6NF Smartphone Integration
  • 6FL iPod and USB Adapter
  • HUD
  • I do not have 6NR BMW Apps
Positives for the 5: larger screen and faster processor.

Negatives for the 5: My understanding is: iPhone 5 eliminates the analog video signal. That means two things to me: 1) Watching video (from iPhone) on iDrive is disabled. I am looking at doing DVD-in-motion and at some point in time 6NR BMW Apps. Seems pretty straightforward to me, you lose video capability. 2) Plugin feature is disabled. Not so clear to me. You lose the ability for the Apple device interface to display on iDrive and no Genius mixes.

I've been reading the posts about the interface and Genius mixes issues. What I'm not clear about is, is that significant in the real world? Are they all that important? Is there a way to access them w/ the iPhone 5?

Please feel free to comment on any other aspect of iPhone 4S vs 5.