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Originally Posted by ianbiz View Post
Whats up with that rear door window. One looks uber small, and the other really small.
And since when did BMWs come with ferrari taillights?
these tail-lights are not the actual tail-lights...its just an add on and its there just to serve the purpose of braking lights. the actual lights are covered. they revealed a small part of the actual one (a line on the trunk) possibly because those are reflectors.

this will be an amazing car. look at all the new ones that came out - the e92, the x5, the x6, the 1 series....all are gorgeous...and BMW knows that the 5 series is their ultimate benchmark model. Im telling you guys, just wait...u'll drool over this when its revealed. BMWs dont go wrong.

and as for stealing the car. BMW is monitoring every inch of it. Thats why they are testing it. Its not just the driver himself, there's a whole panel of engineers watching every move.