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Best way to accelerate?

Hello all. I have recently purchased a 2012 BMW 535d saloon M Sport (UK) and have a few questions about it. I am wondering what mode I should be in to achieve the best acceleration possible when I am doing something such as trying to burn someone off at the traffic lights! The particular model I have has a Sport + mode. I have heard that this turns off the traction or something like that? Apparently this could be good for a quick acceleration.
This car also has the sports transmission so I have the paddle shifts. Should I use these or just keep it in automatic/put it into M/S mode?
For the acceleration itself, should I floor it or only put the pedal down to a certain point to minimise wheel spin and then floor it. I have heard of something called “kickdown” where an automatic will downshift about 2 gears to give you the highest revs. Is this effective?

My last question is whether or not you think my 2012 model (pre LCI AFAIK) has launch control as I think this may be quite handy.

So pretty much I just need to know from your experiences what will be the best way to burn someone off!
This car has been absolutely terrific so far and I am loving absolutely every minute of driving.
Thank you in advance for all your replies and a happy new year to all!

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