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Originally Posted by xc535 View Post
Hello all. I have recently purchased a 2012 BMW 535d saloon M Sport (UK) and have a few questions about it. I am wondering what mode I should be in to achieve the best acceleration possible when I am doing something such as trying to burn someone off at the traffic lights! The particular model I have has a Sport + mode. I have heard that this turns off the traction or something like that? Apparently this could be good for a quick acceleration.
This car also has the sports transmission so I have the paddle shifts. Should I use these or just keep it in automatic/put it into M/S mode?
For the acceleration itself, should I floor it or only put the peddle down to a certain point to minimise wheel spin and then floor it. I have heard of something called "kickdown" where an automatic will downshift about 2 gears to give you the highest revs. Is this effective?
You won't have launch control, as that is an LCI feature with the 2nd generation ZF 8-speed as I understand it.

I'd personally leave in auto mode, D or M/S and use kick-down. A lot depends on whether you are starting from standstill, or a decent rolling speed and are wanting maximum acceleration/over-taking ability where kick-down comes in to its own. Remember the gearbox can block change, even 8th to 2nd gear in one change, if conditions are met. That is some aggressive down shift, 7th to 2nd is a very forceful shift in my 535i, that's without the 535d's torque.

Manual shifting is quite a busy activity in the 8-speed, not so sure that is what you want in the diesel, as you could be out of revs very quickly indeed. The European 535d is the better engine, as it revs out better than the 530d (US 535d), but difficult to beat the electronics doing the job for you.

Sport+ activates DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), so be wary if you are in a bend or coming off a roundabout and floor it, as you can twitch a bit at the rear, get it wrong and you can look like you can't drive the car.

Try a few options, like M/S and full throttle, rather than kick down. I often drive in D and when I want to accelerate moderately hard, simply flick the shifter to M/S and use WOT, less aggressive and almost as fast as kick-down, where you often hit the revs hard and immediately the gearbox as to change up. That is less an issue with a petrol than the diesel. Best try it and find what suits you.