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There is something very odd going on in some of the photos above.

The darker colour reflected in the top photo, is what I have seen time and time again for deep sea blue at my local dealer, who has plenty of examples of the colour on other models (X5's and Z4's mostly - my F10 in it is on it's way!)

But the lighter coloured photos - I just cant believe they are the same colour. I've tried again and again, but today, I went up to the dealer, as here in the UK, it was a really sunny and bright day - I took my iPad to show the photos to the dealer, and compare to the DSB we had. Their is just no way, save some kind of photo-issue, that this is the same colour - at the same time, theirs no offering on the catalogue for any kind of lighter blue!? The dealer suggested perhaps individual colour orders, but you guys are sure they are DSB's?

My problem is - if its the light colour, theirs no way I want DSB and I'd change my order (not too late but not got long) - I want that dark, but not so dark image at the top, It looks astounding, particuarly with the Oyster interior.
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