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Just got a 550i GT Gran Turismo, any recommendations for performance improvements?

I just got a 2015 550i xdrive GT with 60K miles and it's pretty well loaded but no Msport package and I'd like to get the best performance possible out of it so I'd love to get some recommendations from those of you in the know:

1. I heard the Msport means it has an anti-sway bar across the engine? Since I don't have Msport, but I do have Adaptive Driving, any recommendations on the best anti-sway bar I can add and should I add anything along with it that would help the stability?

2. What are the best brakes you can buy to reduce stopping distance? Happy to go to any 3rd party, I just want to get great initial bite and powerful stopping under high load. Not concerned about repeated stopping without fading (like at a track with carbon ceramic), I just want the best "normal use" brakes.

3. Who do you recommend for an engine tune? I can't seem to find anyone reputable offering one but maybe I've missed it. The goal is to get a bit less lag, a smoother torque curve, and a few more horses won't hurt either. I don't need anything massive like a stage 2/3, just a nice well-done stage 1 would be ideal.

4. Anything else you'd recommend for driving performance. I'm trying to make it into an M-lite 5 series, so I think these 3 things if I can find them, would go a long way.

5. Any preventative maintenance tips or tricks you'd recommend, from my research I've avoided the engine recall issues on the earlier V8s but curious if there are any other must-dos to avoid headaches down the road.
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